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“Ticket….ticket….” said conductor.

“One ticket…” said a lady.

Conductor pointed to her boy and asked, “How old he is?”

“Hasn’t five years old yet” she confidently lied, holding her boy in lap.

As he listened what her mom had just said, his big cute eyes shifted from window to her, “But mommy, I am five years old now, remember last week we had celebrated my birthday. I am five years old now…” said in his ingenuous words.

Mom felt embarrassed. She forgot how to smile genuine.


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First Rain

Up in the sky,

“Mommy, I got to go to pee…” said baby cloud to his mom.
“No, son, it’s not the right season. Zip up.” said mom.
“But mom I can’t hold it anymore…” said whining, “whatever you say but I’m going to do it…” he started to shower, broad smile of relief stretched on his face, “Ahahahaha…..” words let out from his mouth….

In my balcony,

Words let out from my mouth, “Ahahahaha…. I love the first rain man, it’s feel like God has showered his love on me…” I looked up and sent flying kiss to him with big smile.

Baby cloud zipped up and giggled, “Mommy mommy, look down there. That guy is sending me flying kiss…”


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Alas! It was his big ceremony. His best friends and relatives, all were present there, but he wasn’t.

What an unfortunate event was that!

It was his funeral.


Will you be present in your own….? Hmmn!?

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A patient was oscillated between life and death. In the Operation Theater, Doctor wore his dress and saved her life by using surgical instruments.

At the same time, in the secret chamber, a serial killer wore his mask, and tortured a girl by using same surgical instrument and murdered her.

(Both are using same instruments, one is saving lives and another one is killing.

An instrument doesn’t define a person, but how we utilize them that definitely do define that person)


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First sip

“Come on bro… be a man! Only one sip of alcohol won’t ruin your life. Drink it man!” His friends encouraged him to be a man.

This is how his addiction of alcohol started, from enjoyment to obsession and obsession to addiction. Not a single friend was present at his deathbed when he was dying of cancer. That day he regretted of drinking the first sip of alcohol which had ruined his entire life.


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A Sensible Girl – A Short Story

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This is a story about a little girl name Divya. She is from a poor family. Her mother is house wife and dad is worker in a factory. To satisfy family need, dad works relentlessly like a robot. In early morning he goes out for work and in evening, after 9 pm he comes. He also overworks on Saturday and Sunday to make more money for his family. He never bargained with his busy work schedule to spend a little time with children. They’re lives under the same roof even though they’re barely meets. Inside deep in her heart lack of dad’s love longing.
Will she tell him about her longing love for him?
Will Dad ever take time out from his busy working life? Or will he coax her by giving an alluring gift?
Will Divya get what she’s been longing for?

This is a story with beautiful message. I will highly recommend this story to read until the end revel its surprise. Insha’Allah, you won’t be disappointed.

Read it here:

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Wedding Anniversary – A short story

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Suhas and Shalini both are happily married couple. On their 3rd anniversary Shalini found that Suhas is having an affair with his secretary. On their anniversary, Will suhas confess his another love? Or His secretary can be reason to break up their love forever? Or it was just an obscure prejudice she had assume?

Full of romance and suspense story…


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Birthday Gift — A short story

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This is a story about a six years old girl. She wants a gift on her birthday. She is stubbornly desire to own that gift. A gift, which is kinda mystery for mom and dad. But the intention behind that gift is heart touching. This short story will keep you engaged till the last page. It’s a cute, innocent and ingenuous story of sensible girl….
Quick reading short story….



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A Precious Gift –– A short story

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This is a story of lower-middle class girl Amirah, and High Heeled family boy Waseem. Since their childhood both are very good friends of each other. As they grow older, their friendship also became intimate. In the age of adolescent, they couldn’t hold that invisible force stirring up their heart and turning their friendship into a love. Their love was pure and ingenuous. But orthodox of dowry will ever let their heart together…? Will they ever confess their love to each other…? High-low financial states wall will ever let their love together…? Or they have to accept their fate as Allah’s will…?

This is not just a typical love story between boy and girl, it’s beyond love…

This story will keep you engaged till the last chapter and end will leave you with big smile on face…

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