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Suicide said egoistically to life, “It takes huge courage to attempt ME. Only brave person can do me”

“Yeah, yeah… suicide got point bro…” Death agreed.

Life smiled and said humbly, “Indeed, to attempt you definitely need huge courage, but I wouldn’t call them brave, I rather say coward. Because to attempt you need few seconds of courage, whereas to embrace me it’s take hell a lot of courage to face everything I throw at them. Real bravery is, to be stay on the ground unbeatable throughout the entire journey of me”

Suicide and death gawked at each other.

Death said to suicide, scratching his head, “Dude, Life got solid point than you.”


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Sex & Love

She had done more than 200 porn films, had sex with innumerable men. But she failed to find a soul who know her intimately, understand her feelings and to have sex with feelings. On camera she spilled all the colors of her sexuality, but off camera her life died inside in the drugs, cocaine and alcohol addiction.


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At Medical Store

At medical store, around sixty or sixty-five years of old uncle asked, ”One condom packet!”

Young fat guy nodded in yes.

Uncle looked back to his wife and mutely done some private gesture, and then asked to counter guy, “Do you have chocolate flavor!”

Young guy nodded tittering and went in to get it. few seconds after he came back with a condom packet.

While paying money, uncle caught him laughing so he frankly asked, “What’s so funny young man?”

Young guy got serious, shook his head and said, “Nothing…”

“No tell me. Is this condom made you laugh or this old guy buying it?” he asked candidly.

“No uncle, nothing like that”, said with pale face.

“Oh is that so! Look healthy young fellow, we both have knee problems, so we don’t go for jogging. We burn calories from other way around. You should know in most cases sex prevent heart decease. Healthy fat body like yours, can betray you anytime you never know! So you got the idea, right?!” uncle gave witty and scientific answer to shut up his tittering.

That day young lazy fat fellow slid something in his pocket and went home with throbbing heart to feel young again.


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Life & Music

I was in my room, listening English songs loudly on my Intex speakers. Uncle entered in my room. We both smiled. Song was so damn good that I couldn’t help myself to turn it off.

“Do you understand all the English lyrics??” he asked.

“Well, not all, but almost…” I replied with smile.

“You don’t understand it fully, then it’s useless to listen” he shook his head in disgust.

“Well uncle, Do you understand life fully?” I asked.

He gave thoughtful expression. And then said, “No, not fully, but…”

“Then should we live life??” I asked and observed his rolling eyeballs here and there and I said, “…Or should we commit suicide because we don’t fully understand life!!?”

His tongue got paralyzed to utter.

“Uncle, I don’t understand fully lyrics, but I am fully enjoying music… likewise same goes for life. Just enjoy the life. Life will introduce itself through the different circumstances.” I said.

He hummed in agreed tone.

“Uncle, enjoy the life… and let’s enjoy the music…” I laughed to break his serious facial expression into joy. And then I held his both hands and our body went with rhythms. That’s brought wide smile on his face.


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Best Husband

In the middle of the night baby started crying.

Mom and dad both woke up.

As she was about to sit upright with tired body, he pressed her shoulder and said, “Jaanu… you sleep. You must be tired working whole day. I got her…” said with smiling nod.

She smiled back at him and thought: I am so lucky to have him as my husband. He truly understands me.


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“Ticket….ticket….” said conductor.

“One ticket…” said a lady.

Conductor pointed to her boy and asked, “How old he is?”

“Hasn’t five years old yet” she confidently lied, holding her boy in lap.

As he listened what her mom had just said, his big cute eyes shifted from window to her, “But mommy, I am five years old now, remember last week we had celebrated my birthday. I am five years old now…” said in his ingenuous words.

Mom felt embarrassed. She forgot how to smile genuine.


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Stubborn kid

At the evening Dad and son went to see fair.

Kid’s eyes spotted remote control car in the shop. He pulled his dad’s hand and said, “Daddy daddy… I want that remote control car… please buy me that one, today is my birthday”

Dad purchased that car and kid got happy.

They walked further.

Kid’s eyes were still in search of other toys. As he spotted another toy, he stubbornly said, “Daddy daddy… I want that flickering plane… please please daddy.”

Dad purchased that toy and said, “Now no more toys okay? Whenever you got bored with toys you can play with dad… right!” said giving him bag of toys.

“But daddy, I need toys to play, not you” said pouting lower lips, tears welled up in his big eyes.

“Okay okay beta, no more crying. Let’s go and to see that joker… hold my hand now,” said dad, to distract him from crying.

“No… I won’t hold your hand now…” said angrily.

Both walked further in a huge throng. Somehow kid lost his dad’s side and started to walk beside stranger.

Kid didn’t know that by mistaken he was walking beside stranger. He was still happy to hold that bag of his favorite toys; his eyes were still hungry to get more toys.

As he saw another toy, “Daddy daddy… look there, Spider-Man, it’s my favorite toy… now it’s a last time daddy, buy me tha––” as he looked up, fear of lost climbed on his face. He started crying.

“What happened kid?” That guy asked worriedly.

“My da-daddy…. I am lost… I wa-want my daddy…. I-I want my daddy…” he kept saying, sobbingly.

“Okay okay… we’ll find your daddy…. don’t cry… your daddy must be near here somewhere… we’ll find him… don’t cry. You want that Spider-Man toy…?” said in consolation tone.

“Nooo… I-I don’t want toy. I want my da-daddy… you take my a-all toys of bag, b-but take me to my da-da-daddy….” he managed to say between his sobbing.

“We will find your dad okay kid, till then you’d like to have an ice cream?” he cajoled him.

“No I don’t like ice cream and nor these toys of bag. I-I want my da-daddy… please take m-me to my daddy….” said pleaded, with crying and sobbing.

Then suddenly, familiar voice entered in his little eardrums.

“Babalu… where are you beta?” Dad’s eyes were desperately searching for him.

Kid quickly wiped his tears, amiable black pupils sparkled in hope, fluttering lips smiled with sadder expressions on face, and eyes were craving to capture his dad.

“Da-daddy, I am he-here… W-where ar-are you?” fear and happiness mingled in his words.

Dad emerged from throng. As both humid eyes met, fear disappeared and bundle of happiness ran toward him and buried his weepy face in sturdy chest.

“Daddy I am sorry, I didn’t hold your hand. I thought I would never see you again. I was lost daddy…”

“Awwww, Mera bachcha… (My son…)” said dad, hugging him emotionally. His eyes noticed that bag of toys. It was strewed out on road like a trash. He kissed on his chubby cheeks, and thought: for which he had been craving, is now nothing to him and what was more precious to him, is holding with his two little hands around me with tight grip like he never want to leave me an inch far.


Most of the time, we don’t understand the importance and worth of our own people until we lost them. We only realize their care and love when they aren’t with us. As long as they are with us do care and love your dear ones, and most importantly respect them. They are the precious for us.

Now off you go! And tell your parents, siblings, spouse or friends that how much you love them.



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First Rain

Up in the sky,

“Mommy, I got to go to pee…” said baby cloud to his mom.
“No, son, it’s not the right season. Zip up.” said mom.
“But mom I can’t hold it anymore…” said whining, “whatever you say but I’m going to do it…” he started to shower, broad smile of relief stretched on his face, “Ahahahaha…..” words let out from his mouth….

In my balcony,

Words let out from my mouth, “Ahahahaha…. I love the first rain man, it’s feel like God has showered his love on me…” I looked up and sent flying kiss to him with big smile.

Baby cloud zipped up and giggled, “Mommy mommy, look down there. That guy is sending me flying kiss…”