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At Medical Store

At medical store, around sixty or sixty-five years of old uncle asked, ”One condom packet!”

Young fat guy nodded in yes.

Uncle looked back to his wife and mutely done some private gesture, and then asked to counter guy, “Do you have chocolate flavor!”

Young guy nodded tittering and went in to get it. few seconds after he came back with a condom packet.

While paying money, uncle caught him laughing so he frankly asked, “What’s so funny young man?”

Young guy got serious, shook his head and said, “Nothing…”

“No tell me. Is this condom made you laugh or this old guy buying it?” he asked candidly.

“No uncle, nothing like that”, said with pale face.

“Oh is that so! Look healthy young fellow, we both have knee problems, so we don’t go for jogging. We burn calories from other way around. You should know in most cases sex prevent heart decease. Healthy fat body like yours, can betray you anytime you never know! So you got the idea, right?!” uncle gave witty and scientific answer to shut up his tittering.

That day young lazy fat fellow slid something in his pocket and went home with throbbing heart to feel young again.