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Happiness of little things

A month ago I taught my mom how to use YouTube and watch spiritual videos. She used to get irritate to find words and to type it. Then I taught her how to use YouTube microphones. She quickly snatched phone from my hand like a curious kid and followed all same steps as I had practically taught her.

As video came up on screen, big smile of joy danced on her face like little girl got her favorite chocolate since long time. Till then, she never typed a word, her finger always goes on microphone and there she is goes….

That happiness on her face makes me happy.


See, happiness is in little things. Enjoy it wholeheartedly. Don’t ever be in wait for something big will happen and then you’ll be happy. Nah…

Btw, she has watched entire Ramayana and Mahabharata old Tv serials, I think that’s her 5th or 6th time only. 


I am a joyous and lovable person. I think that's enough to make me your friend... :)

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