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Stubborn kid

At the evening Dad and son went to see fair.

Kid’s eyes spotted remote control car in the shop. He pulled his dad’s hand and said, “Daddy daddy… I want that remote control car… please buy me that one, today is my birthday”

Dad purchased that car and kid got happy.

They walked further.

Kid’s eyes were still in search of other toys. As he spotted another toy, he stubbornly said, “Daddy daddy… I want that flickering plane… please please daddy.”

Dad purchased that toy and said, “Now no more toys okay? Whenever you got bored with toys you can play with dad… right!” said giving him bag of toys.

“But daddy, I need toys to play, not you” said pouting lower lips, tears welled up in his big eyes.

“Okay okay beta, no more crying. Let’s go and to see that joker… hold my hand now,” said dad, to distract him from crying.

“No… I won’t hold your hand now…” said angrily.

Both walked further in a huge throng. Somehow kid lost his dad’s side and started to walk beside stranger.

Kid didn’t know that by mistaken he was walking beside stranger. He was still happy to hold that bag of his favorite toys; his eyes were still hungry to get more toys.

As he saw another toy, “Daddy daddy… look there, Spider-Man, it’s my favorite toy… now it’s a last time daddy, buy me tha––” as he looked up, fear of lost climbed on his face. He started crying.

“What happened kid?” That guy asked worriedly.

“My da-daddy…. I am lost… I wa-want my daddy…. I-I want my daddy…” he kept saying, sobbingly.

“Okay okay… we’ll find your daddy…. don’t cry… your daddy must be near here somewhere… we’ll find him… don’t cry. You want that Spider-Man toy…?” said in consolation tone.

“Nooo… I-I don’t want toy. I want my da-daddy… you take my a-all toys of bag, b-but take me to my da-da-daddy….” he managed to say between his sobbing.

“We will find your dad okay kid, till then you’d like to have an ice cream?” he cajoled him.

“No I don’t like ice cream and nor these toys of bag. I-I want my da-daddy… please take m-me to my daddy….” said pleaded, with crying and sobbing.

Then suddenly, familiar voice entered in his little eardrums.

“Babalu… where are you beta?” Dad’s eyes were desperately searching for him.

Kid quickly wiped his tears, amiable black pupils sparkled in hope, fluttering lips smiled with sadder expressions on face, and eyes were craving to capture his dad.

“Da-daddy, I am he-here… W-where ar-are you?” fear and happiness mingled in his words.

Dad emerged from throng. As both humid eyes met, fear disappeared and bundle of happiness ran toward him and buried his weepy face in sturdy chest.

“Daddy I am sorry, I didn’t hold your hand. I thought I would never see you again. I was lost daddy…”

“Awwww, Mera bachcha… (My son…)” said dad, hugging him emotionally. His eyes noticed that bag of toys. It was strewed out on road like a trash. He kissed on his chubby cheeks, and thought: for which he had been craving, is now nothing to him and what was more precious to him, is holding with his two little hands around me with tight grip like he never want to leave me an inch far.


Most of the time, we don’t understand the importance and worth of our own people until we lost them. We only realize their care and love when they aren’t with us. As long as they are with us do care and love your dear ones, and most importantly respect them. They are the precious for us.

Now off you go! And tell your parents, siblings, spouse or friends that how much you love them.