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Whole family was sitting in hall room, watching TV news.

“Bhaiya, I want to play car racing game in your laptop, Please please. Let me play na…” seven years old girl pleaded with big-brown puppy eyes.

“No, it’s not good for your eyes” brother denied with a reason.

She started her fake crying.

“Okay okay, but you have to give it back when I say. No more crying games, promise?” He elucidated.

“Yes, I promise…” She agreed and hopped with big smile.

While playing game she banged her car on the wall and one word came out from her little mouth: OH FUCK!

Mom dad both stared at her with shockingly open mouth.

Dad asked her, “Sonu, Where did you learn that word? Who taught you?”

She innocently pointed at her brother, “Daddy, whenever bhaiya loose the car race he always says that, I learnt from him daddy.”

Brother’s face turned pale as he heard her innocent words.

Dad shifted his gaze at him with raging eyes.


Children learn from what we do.