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Perspective – Micro-tales


Two guys were sitting on chair face to face. There was “6” number board between them.
One guy said, “Why a number ‘6’ board is here?”
Another guy said, “No, it’s a number ‘9’ board… YOU FOOL”
First guy stubbornly said, “No… YOU FOOL. It’s a number ‘6’ can’t you see it clearly!”
Another one angrily said, “How dare you to call me that you asshole. It’s a number ‘9’. YOU UNEDUCATED BLIND FUCKER”
First one got pumped up in fury. He clenched his fist and crushed his jaw, ready to knock him down on the floor. As he got up with fluttering red nostrils.
Suddenly, third guy came up and said, “Hey dude, just calm down. Take a deep breath and relax man…” He calmed him down and looked at that number board and said to both, “Why don’t you guys get up from your chairs and exchange your position!”

After all, It’s all about perspective. Sometimes in life we should look through our opponent’s perspective to understand him/her. Most of times problems solves.

Writer -Parth Toroneel



I am a joyous and lovable person. I think that's enough to make me your friend... :)

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