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A Sensible Girl – A Short Story

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This is a story about a little girl name Divya. She is from a poor family. Her mother is house wife and dad is worker in a factory. To satisfy family need, dad works relentlessly like a robot. In early morning he goes out for work and in evening, after 9 pm he comes. He also overworks on Saturday and Sunday to make more money for his family. He never bargained with his busy work schedule to spend a little time with children. They’re lives under the same roof even though they’re barely meets. Inside deep in her heart lack of dad’s love longing.
Will she tell him about her longing love for him?
Will Dad ever take time out from his busy working life? Or will he coax her by giving an alluring gift?
Will Divya get what she’s been longing for?

This is a story with beautiful message. I will highly recommend this story to read until the end revel its surprise. Insha’Allah, you won’t be disappointed.

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