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Wedding Anniversary – A short story

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Suhas and Shalini both are happily married couple. On their 3rd anniversary Shalini found that Suhas is having an affair with his secretary. On their anniversary, Will suhas confess his another love? Or His secretary can be reason to break up their love forever? Or it was just an obscure prejudice she had assume?

Full of romance and suspense story…


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Atheist became Theist…

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This is a story of a person (me) who wasn’t believing in God. and how his perception of god & existence of god changed, and clarified his rigid belief system. After reading this true short, it will made you think of it…

quick reading short story.

Don’t miss it…


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Birthday Gift — A short story

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This is a story about a six years old girl. She wants a gift on her birthday. She is stubbornly desire to own that gift. A gift, which is kinda mystery for mom and dad. But the intention behind that gift is heart touching. This short story will keep you engaged till the last page. It’s a cute, innocent and ingenuous story of sensible girl….
Quick reading short story….



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A Precious Gift –– A short story

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This is a story of lower-middle class girl Amirah, and High Heeled family boy Waseem. Since their childhood both are very good friends of each other. As they grow older, their friendship also became intimate. In the age of adolescent, they couldn’t hold that invisible force stirring up their heart and turning their friendship into a love. Their love was pure and ingenuous. But orthodox of dowry will ever let their heart together…? Will they ever confess their love to each other…? High-low financial states wall will ever let their love together…? Or they have to accept their fate as Allah’s will…?

This is not just a typical love story between boy and girl, it’s beyond love…

This story will keep you engaged till the last chapter and end will leave you with big smile on face…

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